The Vision

Moriah (Mo ree yah') was named after Mount Moriah where Abraham sacrificed Isaac. It (the mountain and our congregation) is a place of rebirth and rededication. Rabbi Samuel Dresnerz''l, our founding Rabbi, saw Moriah as an experiment. It was to be a model congregation formed in an apparent response, to what research has later shown to be the need members seek to fulfill when they join a congregation - a sense of belonging. It was to function as an extended family. There was (and is) no sisterhood or men's club. It was and is a place to be Jewish among friends, without pretense.


The mission of Moriah is to further a return to the synagogue as the heart of the Jewish community, where members of all ages develop an extended family built upon shared values, Conservative Jewish observance, a love of Israel, and a commitment to the perpetuation of the Jewish people.


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